Why does neurofeedback work for so many things?


The brain is responsible for everything that we do. Cumulative trauma and stress over time cause brain wave patterns to change.  How that then presents for each person will be different.  What neurofeedback does is help to balance the various brain waves which in turn affect the neuro-pathways of the brain which ultimately affect behavior and function of the brain.  The brain is acting as the command center for the CNS or Central Nervous System. Anything that creates more balance in the nervous system will have far reaching effects.  A bi-product of this balance is that symptoms tend to fall away as the body resumes its normal functioning.  In effect what has happened is that the brain is now self-regulating.  .

Neurofeedback is not about treating specific disorders.  However, by training the brain to function in a more healthful way, symptoms and/or disorders diminish as a bi-product of a healthier brain.  Most signs of ill health diminish when the brain is self-regulating.  By shifting the way the brain produces and distributes energy (which the person is doing), complaints such as anxiety, depression, addictions, inattention or poor emotional regulation simply tend to go away.

Although people may be seeking our neurofeedback for a specific problem ultimately this is not what is happening.  There are not specific points in the brain which relate to specific disorders… however, when one takes into account the entire activity of the brain research shows that certain patterns of imbalance can express themselves in what western medicine labels as a disorder.