My Philosophy

My philosophy is to approach health holistically, by looking at both the brain and the body. Seeing the big picture assists in clearly identifying your unique challenges, their causes and the best ways to address them.

Inspiring Health is a product of many years of study and experience, beginning with my own illness and subsequent medical training at Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine more than 14 years ago. In that time what I have learned is that most health issues arise out of stress or trauma. In fact, recent research shows that 90% of doctor’s visits are triggered by stress-related events. These stressors can be generated internally, by poor digestion, heavy metals, physical pain, or even our own belief systems. Stress may also be activated by external sources, such as unhealthy relationships, difficult work situations or unresolved family issues. But regardless of its source, stress affects us both physically and mentally. We can not escape the fact that what effects our psychology equally effects our biology and vis-versa.

If stress has been extreme, over a long period of time it causes the body to lose its ability to self-regulate.

This changes the structure of the brain, which in turn changes the physiology of the body. Psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or apathy might develop. Our ability to focus and concentrate could diminish. Metabolism can also change, leading to physical symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure, or poor digestion – all symptoms likely to generate their own new stress sequences.

What does not help is that, by the time we begin to observe the various symptoms, we often have forgetten what caused them in the first place. The human organism is so adaptive that we can grow accustomed to stress, at times to the point that we can not see how deeply it still affects us. We come to accept it as the normal way of functioning in the world and lose sensitivity to our need to change course. It just becomes a naural part of our way of being.

When we do become aware of stress, we must focus our efforts on reducing it both internally and externally. In doing so, we increase the body’s ability to self-regulate, strengthen the immune system and arrive at better health.

With help from a sophisticated set of tools, we can assess how your body is coping with stress and determine your state of overall health. EEG neuro-feedback provides information on the functioning of the brain, which is involved with all aspects of both our physical and mental health, as well as body function. Hair/Mineral Testing shows biochemically how the body is managing stress by measuring mineral levels and the presence of heavy metals – important aspects of metabolism function. Imaging Technologies such as the EPI-GDV can show us the energy field of the body and how it is manging stress energetically. Finally, Astrology gives us information on all of these levels and more. Together these tools help reveal the deeper inner workings of the psyche, which plays a major role in health and well-being.

How does your body adapt to stress? What improvements can be made? Where we begin depends on your unique challenges and the concerns you would most like to address. Whatever your situation, the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself when given the correct information and/or appropriate environment. Please explore the site for more information on the many important services we provide, and give us a call to learn how I can assit you with your needs.

Wishing you good health.

James Hopson