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The BioScan is a Bio-Resonance/Biofeedback Class II medical device which provides both a Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) as well as Stress Resistance Testing (SRT). It is a holistic approach to health that assess how a person is managing stress and what may be underlying cause of that stress. The SRT takes measurements using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). GSR measurements work by detecting electrical (ionic) activity resulting from changes in our sweat gland activity. This is used as the gold standard for testing when using a polygraph or lie detector testing. In a way, the BioScan SRT is an electronic lie detector assessing how information signals are affecting your biofield. With this information we can clearly see what is stressing our body and get to the root cause. Testing of humans or animals can be done locally as well as non-locally. The BioScan Wellness System works similarly to an EKG or EEG and emits a very low electrical current. It is non-invasive and extremely safe.

The BioScan combines the work of both Dr. Reinhard Voll and Dr. Hans Reckeweg. Dr. Voll pioneered electro-acupuncture testing (EAV) which measures the meridians via conductance and corresponds with our tissues and organ systems. Dr. Reckeweg developed a staging system of disease and it subsequent healing process. Combining both of these approaches together with advances in technology we can now clearly assess underlying health issues in order to get to the root cause such as: heavy metals, parasites, allergies, chemicals, mold, candida, hormones, food sensitivities, infections and much more.

From these findings a customized nutritional program can be developed based on supplements, vitamin & minerals or homeopathy. In addition to this, direct biofeedback can also be done to help create more harmony in the body and is very powerful. One of the best parts of the BioScan is the ability to re-test and compare with previous results. You can see your own progress as well as know what the next steps are on their path to wellness. The number of sessions will very depending our how out of balance we are. However, knowing that you are improving puts the mind to rest and makes it easier to trust the healing process. Ultimately this creates peace of mind which is priceless, a rare commodity in today’s day and age. The BioScan takes the guess work out of wondering if what you are doing is working or not. It is one of the best tools to prevent disease and maintain good health.