Internal Environment

The internal environment is fundamental principle necessary to achieve good health and live a long life!

We have all been hearing about global warming and the changes in our environment due to pollution. Well our bodies are going through a similar process. Just as we are polluting our rivers, oceans and the earth, the same is happening to us internally. It is not so difficult to understand really. Think about an aquarium. Our bodies are a lot like this. In order to have well functioning aquarium you have a filter (the liver), good water (the blood), and from time to time it must be cleaned (our intestinal tract) otherwise the fish become tired, sick and die from lack of oxygen and various bacteria, fungus, or viruses. This is caused from a change in the environment. The water often becomes too acidic.

Following our aquarium example we can feed our fish with the best organic foods in the world, however if the filter is not working or you don’t clean out the aquarium then it does not matter what food you feed the fish. I am not saying that it is not important what foods we eat. It is probably more important than ever that we pay attention to this. Processed foods, non-organic foods with pesticides and herbicides are very toxic and are major factors contributing to a change in our internal environment. But if we do not have a well-regulated aquarium or health deteriorates. An example of this can be seen in a river. When water when it stops flowing and moving mosquitoes often develop. They only disappear when the stagnant water is no more.

Lets look at the basic functioning of the body. Like our aquarium analogy we have pumps (heart, circulation system), filters (liver and kidneys), and a plumbing system (intestinal tract). When waste material is not eliminated properly from our intestinal tract (either the large or the small intestines), it starts accumulate. And then it goes to our liver, our major filter. One of its jobs is to filter the blood and waste material. However when the liver gets over burdened it cannot to filter properly. Unprocessed waste must then be filtered by the kidneys, whose main job is to filter water and minerals, not our excrement. With the filters not doing their job, the waste material that our body was supposed to eliminate via our bowel movements goes into our blood and lymphatic systems. This would be the equivalent of you dumping pollution into the rivers and oceans. It spreads everywhere. This starts to manifest in a very large array of symptoms which include but are not excluded to: headaches, constipation, body odor, acne, various aches and pains, inflammation, etc. Using conventional methods most people take some medication to relieve the symptoms, which only further aggravates the problem by suppressing toxicity further into the body and not dealing with the underlying causes.

Eventually the brain can only handle so much waste material circulating within the head. In order to protect itself it has to re-route the waste material, which is now being stored in our reproductive system. For women the waste goes to the ovaries, uterus and breasts and or men prostate and testes. In simple terms this is what happens with the basic functions of the body when it is getting out of balance. Now let’s look more closely at the internal environment and how these fluids which are constantly bathing all our organs and glands affect us.

Our internal ecosystem is where many problems begin. Remember our aquarium example? When the water in the fish tank is not cleaned or the filters do not do the work properly, the health of the fish is compromised. Humans can withstand a lot more abuse than these simple fish. We will often continue to poison ourselves until illness occurs. Our oceans and river systems can only regulate their environment to a certain degree before they can no longer maintain homeostasis. This is more apparent than ever as our oceans are becoming so acidic that coral and simple forms of sea life are at great risk of disappearing.

This internal environment is regulated by a very delicate pH balance. Because of chronic long-term stress, lifestyle choices and dietary habits this environment gets seriously compromised. The result then is an imbalance in our oxidation system which regulates our metabolism. This ensuing imbalance then creates a vast array of symptoms. Conventional medicine groups all these symptoms together and calls them a disease. Disease itself is nothing more than cells not communicating properly. Why would they not communicate properly? This occurs for a few basic reasons. One is because the brain is not sending the right information to the cells which is often related to any one of the following: stress or trauma, poor diet / bad nutrition, medication / chemical exposure, electromagnetic field exposure, genetics, perceived beliefs thought to be true (curses, thoughts, ideas), and the unseen cosmic forces. The other main reason is because of the fluids that surround the cells. Dr. Alexis Carrel made a profound statement when he said, “Death and disease are not conditions of which the cause is found within the tissue cells, but in the fluids surrounding the cells.” For over 20 years Dr. Carrel kept the cells of a chicken heart alive just by making sure the fluids surround the cells was healthy. He found that “the cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and, as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.” This is where minerals come into play!