What is the CyberScan?

The CyberScan is one of the most advanced biofeedback devices made in Germany using state-of-the-art bi-cybernetic technology based upon the patents and technologies of the experimental physicist Nikola Tesla.   It is based on the principal of bio-resonance.  The Germans are the leaders in this field.

For a brief overview watch the video below done by a colleague in Australia on how the CyberScan works.

The CyberScan quickly scan the energy field of the client to determine where the stressors are.  It then take that information and imprints it into a simple saline solution.  This acts as communicator with the immune system to assist the body in self-regulation.

Part of what happens over time as our bodies break down from living is that the immune system fails to see certain information signals that are necessary to indicate self-healing.  It is kind of like the internet being off line and you can no longer access web pages.  In the same way because of stress and trauma the body starts loosing its ability to self-regulate.  When this happens disease is a natural bi-product.  In a way you can think of the CyberScan as a mirror.  It helps the immune system see what it can not see.  This in turn helps to activate the immune systems own natural healing abilities.

During a CyberScan session, the client places their hand on the Tesla flat coil.  This reads the persons energy field.  Then we assess your energy based on over 110,000 information signals that have to due with health.  It will access areas having to do with:

1.  Organs and functional systems

2.  Various Imbalances and disorders

3. Areas related to microbiology (bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites)

4.  Toxic Chemicals

5.  Heavy Metals

6. Electrosmog and Geopathic Stress

7. Food Sensitivities and Allergens

Once the assessment is complete was can see what information signals are creating stress in your field.  We take that information and imprint it into a saline solution.  This acts as the biofeedback mechanism which the immune system responds to.

The CyberScan has been found to help people by:

1.  Improving Sleep

2. Reducing Stress and Nervousness

3. Enhanced Mental Clarity, Memory and Focus

4.  Reduced Depression and Addictions

5.  Improved General Health and Well-Being

6.  Enhanced Muscle Mobility, coordination, Flexibility  and Sports Performance

As with other biofeedback devices, the CyberScan helps to retrain the immune system how to respond to the various stresses a person faces in their day to day life.  This leads to greater healing and self-regulation.  Typically a person will start with anywhere from 6-12 session depending upon the level of imbalance a person is dealing with.  Sessions are scheduled at 2 week intervals.  So a beginning course would last from 3-6 months.  As with anything in life the body needs daily information to change the energy patterns in the body.  We understand that it takes time for the body to change.  The beauty is that when it gets the right information it is more apt to make the changes necessary for healing.

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Good Health to you