What Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health – Part 3 of 5


Welcome back to Part 3 on What Medical Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health. In Part 1 we looked at the history of Medical Astrology and how astrology and medicine have a long history. In Part 2 we looked at the Sun signs and their relationship to parts of the body. And now in Part 3 we will delve into why Medical Astrology is a valid model to consider in comparison to the current Allopathic Medicine model from a philosophical and application perspective.

In reality the two systems have very little in common and are actually completely different. The allopathic model functions from what I would call a closed model. If you read the first article then you will remember that one of the main differences in the two systems is that western medicine looks at illness from a reductionist model. This is the belief that complex diseases can only be understood by breaking them down part by part. I have always wondered how can the parts be greater than the whole? It just does not make sense.

Second, and just as important, is that conventional medicine functions from the point of view of materialism, the belief that matter is the primary cause of all physiological functioning, diseases, cognitions and thought processes. This belief also holds true for most biomedical research being done as well. What does this mean? It means that when one is trying to ascertain the health or disease of a living system that they will never get the full answer. Why? Because this model has failed to accept or look at the energetic components of that system. Hospitals routinely use ECG’s (electrocardiograms) to diagnose cardiovascular disease and neurologists, as well as people like myself who do neuro-feedback, will use EEG’s (electroencephalograms) to assess brain function. Yet, allopathic medicine still will not acknowledge that all living organisms have electromagnetic properties. It would seem self-evident that this should play a role in assessing any biological considerations. As Dr. Sarah Knox, a biomedical scientist put it, “Medicine is only examining one side of Einstein’s equation”. E=MC2 means that energy can also be converted to matter. Without looking at the energetic components to the entire expression of human health how can one fully expect to understand the causes of breakdown?

There is some hope though. Fortunately there are some parts of the world that are starting to take this into consideration, but this is far from becoming mainstream. This will likely not happen until conventional medicine can accept that energy is just as important to assess as matter in living systems. In some Russian hospitals for example, one can find a special camera (GDV) that will actually take a picture of the energy field of the body. This allows the doctors to assess the physical as well as the psychological health of a person through an energetic viewpoint. I actually have one of these cameras, use it in my practice here in Los Angeles, and it is incredibly helpful.

Medical astrology does not even look for specific diseases per se but looks more from a point of holism. It attempts to see how all the parts are related, patterns that could be present and where the imbalances express themselves. In looking at a chart one essentially looks at the flow of energy from one planet to another and how they then are all related. Interestingly enough, the more ancient disciplines such as Chinese, Tibetan and Indian medicine continue to this day to incorporate a similar view. The openness of the holistic perspective allows for more possibilities, helps a person to see the underlying causes and supports them to take responsibility for the imbalances they are dealing with.

Another area western medicine is a bit behind the times is in relationship to microorganisms. The outdated view still believed to be true is that disease is caused by something external such as a bacteria or virus. Based on the limitations of this view the only way to address such issues seems to be either by destroying the pathogen through medications or by removing the now diseased organ or gland, both of which undermine the body’s own vitality and compromise the immune system. It does not account for what is going on in the internal environment and the natural ways a person could change this. This model is bit barbaric and is very disempowering to the individual. If one believes that something from outside of themselves is attacking them then what can they do? It leads the common person to believe they are helpless in preventing an illness or a disease. When an astrologer looks at a chart he must consider the whole chart, the environment upon which the energy functions, and all of the elements that would affect that environment.

Once a person has been labeled with a particular disease the person is not told of any way to resolve the issue except to continue taking medication. I am not saying that people should not take medication. Sometimes it is necessary but without teaching people what the underlying causes are how can people improve? Just having the diagnosis alone can make a person feel helpless which only complicates the original problem from a psychological perspective and then creates dependency. This model unfortunately does not encourage or support people in taking any responsibility for ones own health. How can this model ultimately free people from the problems that ail them if there is no education? The allopathic model in and of itself seems to create a dependency on the system. This of course is great for someone else’s pocket book and not the individual’s well-being.

Before we close lets take a look at where the etymology of the word ‘doctor’ comes from. It is derived from the Latin word for doctoris, which means teacher. This noun came from the old French verb ‘docre’ which means “to teach”. The true doctor is a teacher and this is what the medical astrologer attempts to do, to teach and educate. With greater awareness, education and understanding of how the body is working, people are naturally empowered and given hope in how to take responsibility and deal with the imbalances in their own body.

In Part 4 of this series we will look at the more specific and practical benefits that Medical Astrology can provide for you when combined with training in the field of medicine. Until then I wish you well and good health! I invite you to share any insights, questions or considerations that this article may have brought to the surface for you.