So how does neurofeedback help and what is it doing?


Neurofeedback is a form of “operant conditioning”.  In psychology this is a method that occurs through rewards and punishment of a behavior.  We do this same thing in the brain by either rewarding or discouraging various frequency bands.  The technology translates brain waves into sound forms or visual stimuli.  Listening to those tones/music or watching a video then affect the neuro-pathways in the brain.  When these neuro-pathways change so to do our thoughts.  The process in fact assists us in inhibiting neuro-pathways and or thoughts patterns that are unhealthy for us and help us open up to thinking new kinds of thoughts.

By rewarding the brain each time it produces the desired frequency, we help the brain learn how to regulate itself.  You could think of this like tuning the engine of your car so it runs more smoothly.  We are literally reconditioning and retraining  the brain.  Essentially you can think of neurofeedback as “brain training”.  Like a muscle, your brain gets stronger the more you train it.  And when it works better, you feel and perform better.   You struggle less and enjoy life more.

As one of my mentors explained neurofeedback it is like placing a mirror in front of you.  When you look into the mirror and you see your hair messy, you correct it.  In the same way, as the brain sees itself, it starts to correct itself.