Brain Food

Sleep is another essential “Food for the Brain”. Most healing happens in our sleep state. If we deprive ourselves of getting enough sleep the following things start to occur as outlined by John Medina in his book called Brain Rules :

1. Our cognitive abilities such as memory, learning, attention, mood, logical reasoning, our ability to make decisions all will naturally decline.

2. The ability to utilize the food we consume diminishes by a third. This can then lead us into chronic malnutrition.

3. The ability to regulate insulin and fuel our brain properly with glucose begins to fail. This creates serious deregulation because now the body wants more of it.

4. The body interprets sleep deprivation as stress. This causes a rise in stress hormones in order to deal with the stress.

5. The aging process speeds up.

6. “Sleep loss equals mind loss” – Medina

Believe it or not one of the first signs of anxiety is a difficulty in sleeping. In my office this is of the most important things I look for. There can be many factors, which cause a person to not be able to sleep well. Some may have to do with a poor diet, medication, eating too late at night or too much caffeine late in the day. For others it may be due to unprocessed emotions which then manifest as an over active mind or ‘the crew that does not rest’. Sleep problems tend to appear in most people with some form of mental disorder. For tips on sleeping see this article by Dr. Mercola on way to treat insomnia. If after attempting these things and you are still unable to regulate your sleep then you might consider some neurofeedback training.