Relaxation – Breathing

Brain Food

One of the best ways to encourage relaxation is through breathing. Conscious breathing will have a direct effect on the functioning of our nervous system. This is one of the main ways the ancient yogis from India regulated their health. They inherently understood that breathing would help put the body in state of relaxation and healing. One of the keys here is to always breath out just a little more than you breath in. This way you help the body to move more towards higher parasympathetic function, which stimulates healing, rest and relaxation. This is an area where you may need more guidance on. In my practice I incorporate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training which focuses on breathing as a regular part of a person’s neuro-feedback training. For more details click go to Stress Relief solutions from HeartMath

Another technology which can be very helpful in helping you breath better is called Resperate. It is a small device which helps you monitor the number of breaths you breath per minute. It is advertized and marketed for high blood pressure but that is just one of the effects of using this. Just using it 15 min a day one can reduce one’s breaths per min to under 10 which will lead both the heart and brain in a more tranquil space. See here for more details. A next step to relaxation is meditation.