Patrick D


For years I lived a fearful and anxious life and avoided my feelings with addictions.  Over the years this took a real toll on my body, mind and spirit. Eventually it all caught up with me and one day a few years ago I crashed into a state of ill health and chronic fatigue.  My journey to find out what was wrong with me first led me on a dead-end trail through a maze of western medical doctors.  After a battery of blood tests, MRI’s, X-rays, Colonoscopies – seeing Neurologists, Gastroenterologist’s, Urologists and ENT’s, all my tests came back normal.  Western medicine has very little understanding or guidance of what to do with chronic and adrenal fatigue.  My search for answers eventually led me to James Hopsin via a referral.  After reviewing his website and having a conversation on the phone with him about my symptoms, I decided to make an appointment with James.  He introduced me to the Nutritional Balancing program.  The NB protocol and concept made sense to me.   The program of mostly cooked vegetables, simple meat proteins, food based supplements, daily infrared saunas and coffee enemas and annual hair mineral analysis tests really made sense to me as a healing regiment.  After my first appointment James did a hair mineral analysis test on me and the results clearly showed that my body was very depleted of important minerals and out of balance and over taxed with heavy metals.  My mineral levels all pointed to chronic and adrenal fatigue. I began the protocol suggested by James. Although it took some time to see results because of how depleted my body had become over the years, I kept the faith and eventually began to see real progress in my health and improvements in my energy.  There was no quick fix here, but I now understand why, as it took me years of unhealthy, thinking, eating and living to deplete my body.  It makes sense to me that to replenish, repair, retrace and heal the body takes time as well.  I have been under the care of James for about two years now and I am so grateful for his guidance and understanding.  He is an extremely compassionate facilitator that as been instrumental in my recovery.  From the moment I met him he never doubted that I would make a full recovery and enjoy good health again.  He is a health practitioner that truly cares about his patients and loves what he does. He is unselfish with his time and knowledge of the healing process. I am happy to say that my health is coming back and our amazing  bodies can and will heal themselves with the proper guidance, understanding and knowledge from  people like James Hopsin and the Nutritional Balancing program. Patick D,  49 yr old, Los Angeles