Inspiring Health Integrates Advanced Biofeedback Technology into Practice


Einstein once said,

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

When it comes to working with our health, we are going to have to consider our problems from a completely different perspective than we have so far — one that is more inclusive of how the body works as a whole, instead of viewing it only in terms of its parts and pieces. It seems quite apparent now, that the strength of Allopathic Medicine model is in its ability to deal with acute trauma and symptom management.  However, this leaves a big gap in how we address chronic disease.  So how can we bridge this gap? This is going to require a paradigm shift, and technology seems to be nudging us in that direction.

We have already witnessed incredible changes with how we can access information on the Internet. In part, this is due to the various algorithms that allow computers to synthesize huge amounts of data.  The use of algorithms is actually changing our lives in ways we may not yet fully realize. According to Alec Ross, the author of Industries of the Future, the last 18 months have seen huge advances in mathematics, including algorithms and cloud technologies. These advances will soon be leading to the use of robots, and possibly artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, as part of our everyday lives in the Digital Age. In this period, digital ‘information’ is King!

But what does this have to do with your health? These developments mean increased access to better technologies, including those outside the current paradigm, for assessing our health and well-being. Currently, though, there still is a great chasm between holistic approaches to health and the disease model of diagnosing and treating through the use of chemicals, radiation or surgery.   It is going to take time before conventional belief systems, and the economics behind them, finally change. This is an important and necessary step, both in changing how we think about the problem and in solving health issues from a different level of awareness.

Since beginning my practice in 2002, I have come across many different technologies. Some worked well for specific issues, but most of them were limited, due to the lack of computing power at the time.  My hope has always been to have a single technology that was capable of:

1. Clearly assessing the state of order/disorder in the body without being invasive.

2. Acting as a biofeedback mechanism so the body could heal itself.

3. Tracking progress over time, by comparing analysis results.

4. Accuracy when compared with other conventional medical technologies.

5. Providing practical, applicable and reliable information on our state of health.

Well, it would seem this dream has become a reality — in a new class of biofeedback devices called Metatron.  This spectacular technology was developed by Russian scientists at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics and is distributed to English speaking clients by  NPD International. Metatron devices incorporate some of the greatest advances in physics, quantum mechanics and mathematics.  There are several different models of this device, the most advanced being the Blue Opal, which I am now using in my practice.

Some of you may be asking: Can the Metatron address my XYZ?  And this is where our paradigm needs to shift. Health issues are often just symptoms of a deeper breakdown of the body.  A good example is cancer.  Most people do not realize that cancer is a symptom, but not the underlying problem.  The cause is complex and connected to long-term stress. My intention is not to diminish the seriousness of cancer, but to make the point that even the surgical removal of cancer does not really solve the problem. It only eliminates the symptom.  Think of it as turning off the blinking indicator light in the car. Stopping the light from blinking doesn’t mean the car is working properly again.  Surgically removing cancer is very similar. While it may appear to resolve the immediate health issue, the underlying conditions, which are responsible for creating the problem of cancer in the first place, remain unaddressed.

What I am suggesting then is that, if we are to truly address our health from a higher level of abstraction, we have to start looking beyond just diagnosing and treating symptoms, while also addressing the underlying issues, so that the body can both self-regulate and begin to heal itself.  This may be a new way of thinking for a lot of people and will likely take time to accept.

So back to our original question: Can the Metatron address my XYZ? Yes, it can. It does so not through medications or surgery (old paradigm based on parts and pieces), but through biofeedback (new paradigm based the body as a whole organism). By targeting the underlying issues that created the problem in the first place, it will help the body to heal itself naturally, thereby causing the symptoms you know of as XYZ to diminish on their own.  To extend our earlier metaphor, the Metatron will perform the actual service needed for the proper functioning of your vehicle.  Only then, will the indicator light stop blinking.

Make sense? Exciting, isn’t it? This is just the beginning of the conversation and hopefully a new way of thinking. Einstein would be proud! 🙂  For more information please see Inspiring Health .

Wishing you a wonderful day!