Hair Mineral Testing Information


Analytical Research Labs

This is the laboratory used for assessing a person’s Hair Mineral Analysis.
This lab is also the one can order the food based supplements.

Basic Information on Vitamins and Minerals

This link provides basic information on various vitamins and minerals. It gives information on benefits, deficiencies as well as foods they can be found in. It is important to note that the RDA is what people need to survive not to maintain optimal health. Often times people will need much more that than RDA when dealing with any sort of illness.

Near Infra Red Saunas

This site offers high quality, hand crafted saunas at a very fair price with several options that can be shipped anywhere in the world. The Near Infra Red Saunas are one of the wonderful ways in which we can restore our health by improving our immune function, stimulate the body in its own self healing, and help the body de-couple heavy metals safely. It is something one can use throughout their life to help maintain health. I highly recommend them for anyone interested in bettering their health.

Heat Lamp Saunas provides reasonably priced Near Infra Red Saunas.  For a $100 discount on purchase please email me directly for the discount code.

Options for Natural form of Birth Control 

The Lady Comp systems are one of the most effective ways for birth control  without having to take medications that is both accurate and has been tested with over 1 million women’s menstrual cycles for accuracy.