German R


Thank you for introducing me to Nutritional Balancing. It made sense to me. I expected improvements but not nearly this fast.  I had studied nutrition for over 40 years so I thought I was doing the right things. Here is just one of the conditions that have improved far beyond what I thought possible in the amount of time that it took to improve:

I had been medically diagnosed to needing hip replacement surgery.  I’m a national ranked tennis player in my age group.  According to many medical professionals and hip problem people that I interviewed, it was unanimous that things including pain, discomfort, loss of movement and quality of life, would get worse with time and that I might as well get the surgery and not waste time and suffer with the pain so I could sooner get on with my life as I wanted to live it. My diet consisted of about 80% fruits, fruit juices and mostly raw vegetables and salads, little meat, little wheat, no carbonated drinks, no sugar, no packaged foods. The changes based on your recommendations were the follwing:  Cooked vegetables, a little more protein including meat and eggs, no juice, very little potatoes, no fruit, blue-corn chips, and reduced amount of supplements.

Five days after substituting fruits and juices, before the infrared sauna and suggested supplements arrived these changes jumped at me:  my muscles all relaxed, my hip discomfort improved from about a 6 out of 10 to about 3 out of 10.  My movement on the tennis court improved dramatically and physically I felt looser and less movement limited. Now, after three weeks on this program, including the Infrared sauna and  supplements my hip feels improvements to about 2 out of 10 or better.

Last week I had enough confidence to enter a national tournament. I won a good match and performed well against the #1 player in the world in my age group. Do you think I’m happy with my results so far? Even if I didn’t progress any more from here but stayed as I am now I could still rule out hip surgery.  Thank you for the timely, helpful, effective and personal care you have given to me and my wife.  German R – 69 y.o. male