Dana M


James Hopson has played a pivotal role in guiding me along my journey to better health. My experience with him has been transformational on many levels, for which I am very grateful.   I came to James with all sorts of on-going symptoms that derived from a series of traumatic concussions I had in ’98 and ’99. My nervous system was a mess and I experienced chronic constipation ever since the last injury. We began working with neurofeedback, which I found incredibly healing. James used astrology and Kirlian photography to look deeper into my state of imbalance. Eventually, I began a very thorough metal cleanse based on information gathered from a hair / mineral test.   I am the first to admit my medical history is long, complex, and sometimes very overwhelming. This is why it has been hard to find a health practitioner that I can rely on for results and with whom I see as a compassionate human being.  I completely trust James and his approach to healing. He never cuts any corners and is always looking at the big picture with a smile on his face. I would refer James to just about anyone I know. Much gratitude James – Dana M – 32 y.o. Female