Astrology Consultations


People seek out astrological council for various reasons. Some will come because they are in a crisis with a relationship, their health, or their work. Others come because the are seeking to better understand themselves. Any reason is valid. The interesting thing about Astrology is that there is no part of your life that is not expressed somewhere in your chart. So whatever issues may be presenting for you, they can be found in your chart. Personally though I find astrology helps a person gain a deeper understanding of themselves and can be used as a Spiritual Path to help reveal who one really is verses what a person would like to be.

There are many things you can gain from a consultation:

  1. Deeper understanding of your own nature. Each person has her or his own ‘blue-print’ which makes you unique and different from everyone else. The Astrological map allows us to see a person from a holistic perspective. The more one understands one’s chart, the more it can help you to gain insights into: one’s personality, how we think, our motivations or how we express our emotions. It can help you more deeply understand the meaning of life and assist you in discovering your relationship to the world around you.
  2. Help you understand the cycle of life you are in. We are all in different cycles at each time period of our life. Specifically astrological transits will show us this. These cycles represent various archetypal patterns which become more active in our life. Knowing the cycle and archetype can then help you more objectively see what life has brought to you. Understanding its ‘purpose’ and ‘intent’ then becomes a doorway through your current situation.
  3. Validation. One of the most frequent comments I have heard over time is that after a consultation people feel more validated for who they are or why they do what they do. Through validating one’s process in life one can begin to understand how different we are from each other and that there is no one right or wrong way to be. With greater validation we tend to not worry so much and have less anxiety. Ultimately this has the potential to lead a person to greater self-acceptance of self and other.
  4. Open you to a path of self-discovery. The process of beginning to understand your unique blue-print can be profound and life changing. With each new insight you gain another question can arise leading you deeper and deeper into mysteries of life as seen through your eyes. The more we understand about ourselves the easier it is to understand others and live more joyfully in the world.
  5. Become aware of aspects to your physical health. The various astrological archetypes apply as much to our psych as they do to our physiology. Looking at a chart from this perspective gives insight into assessing the overall strengths and weaknesses in the body. In addition to this, because of the mind-body connection, our health can reflect where we are stuck not only in our body, but in our also in our mind.

The above ideas were inspired by my teacher, Jim Sher.

A single consultation can help you gain clarity and insight into whatever is arising in your life. However the depth of who you are and how you express yourself in the world is much greater than any one session. There are layers to be discovered which can happen over time. This is why some people will want to approach this as astrological counseling or a process of discovery over time.

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