Angela D


I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2008 and had been working hard since then to restore my health. I thought I had found a path that worked for me, but it turns out my progress had plateaued. Ultimately, it was James’s guidance that would help me reach my biggest mile-marker to date when, just two months after beginning the nutritional balancing program, I was finally able to go off my synthetic insulin while still maintaining mostly normal blood sugars. Mind you, I have no illusions that this is the end of the journey. I feel it is just the first step in a much more intensive healing process (it took years of damage for diabetes to manifest, after all), but I am ecstatic about and greatly encouraged by my results so far! And so are my friends and family, many of whom have also begun the nutritional balancing program, beginning with their own Hair Mineral tests. Good health, it seems, may be even more contagious than disease… Thanks for everything, James. – Angela D, 32 y.o. female