One of the few clinics in Los Angeles with 4 modes of Bioresonance Therapy.


The Oberon is a Russian technology designed to scan various bodily cells, tissues, organs, and even DNA to detect frequency imbalances causing health problems. Using molecular frequency resonance technology, this device analyzes the root causes and areas of imbalances throughout the body allowing patients to undergo therapeutic remedies to correct disparities present. 


The ZYTO is a US biofeedback technology that uses the galvanic skin response to analyze the body’s responses to various electric signatures. By measuring these responses, the device works to determine the best health choices for individuals based on their specific reading. Clients can consult with a health professional to form an adequate wellness plan.


The Cyberscan is a German technology which scans the body based on Scalar Waves and is based on the patents and technology of experimental scientist Nikola Tesla. It assesses which ‘information’ signals are causing stress in the bio-field. Once determined, the information can be imprinted into a saline solution to provide direct biofeedback.


The BioScan is a US technology based on EAV or Electro-Acupuncture by Dr. Voll and Galvanic Skin Response. This technology can assess how our body is managing stress as well as indicate the level of health of an individual. Once stressors have been identified biofeedback or a customized nutritional protocol can be used to address root cause issues.

Discover the underlying causes of illness

Samuel K. Says:

James Hopson is totally dedicated to the healing arts. He has combined disciplines from various holistic modalities to get a very clear and comprehensive insight into my health challenges. In addition, James has made himself available to me for regular support meetings to help me with following through on his suggestions. If you are serious about overcoming your health challenges, I think he just might be what the doctor ordered

Ashely T Says:

I have been working with James for almost two years. He has gone above and beyond to help me during my journey to wellness. James is always willing to explain the answers to questions, and is very passionate about learning and helping others learn about what is going on within the body. James has made recommendations for me for based on my financial situation when I had a lot less to spend. He has consistently met me where I am in the journey, but also been very upfront about what to expect and realistic about how long things may take. I am so thankful to meet someone who cares so much and has truly helped me transform my entire life.

Marlene N says:

If you’re looking for guidance to alternative methods for healing, look no further. James is well versed in various modalities that target your illness from different angles.  Sometimes finding the right treatment is not easy but James is diligent and persistent in finding one that works for your particular issue. On top of that he is kind and warm and generous with his time, making sure you are comfortable and understand the process.  Highly recommend!

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About James Hopson

A holistic approach to transforming your well-being

An active interplay exists between our physical health and mind. However, when many people try to improve their health, they focus solely on the physical body and its various symptoms. The mind and its thoughts are often not seen as a contributing factor to overall well-being, and often they are ignored completely.

While making changes to diet, improving nutritional intake or receiving biofeedback, etc. can be extremely beneficial for improving one’s health, our overall well-being is more than just the sum of these particular parts, and requires attention to the underlying structure of how a person relates to and experiences life itself. Physical health or biology is directly related to our psychology and state of mind. Although we consider these elements at times to be separate they are intimately connected and actually operate as one whole.



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