The Oberon Biofeedback Diagnostic Machine is a highly advanced Russian technology that scans the components of the body by detecting frequency imbalances. This device uses molecular frequency resonance imaging to analyze organs, tissue, cells and other components of the body that are plagued with frequency imbalances. It identifies these imbalances as well as the root causes of those imbalances so that therapeutic remedies can be induced in order to stabilize the afflicted parts of the body. This system was created using a combination of advanced information technology in conjunction with the operative range of homeostatic control.

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With no need for medical or surgical incisions, this technology is a unique instrument for scanning the body’s organs, tissues, and various other aspects in order to measure various imbalances. With 90% accuracy, the system compares your body’s measurements with others located in an extensive database in order to detect abnormalities in the body. It is the most advanced piece of computer programmed technology in the world used to measure and analyze the functions of the body’s organs.

Atoms inhabiting cells in the body are constantly rotating and oscillating giving off distinct frequencies in relation to the various cells, tissues, and organs they are located within. The body and the brain converse using the spine and its nerves and molecular aids to send instructions and information to one another. Biofeedback devices such as the Oberon allow an observer to listen in on these conversations and pick up information that would otherwise be undetectable using statistical fluctuations. Using this technology, we are able to observe the wavelength characteristics and changes in the body and its tissues and cells to detect changes in pathological conditions and infections in specific organs or tissues.

Biofeedback systems were created to not only detect problem areas within the body, but to find the specific biological issue so that it can be remedied using natural therapies. Our bodies consist of an electro-magnetic field that gives off specific frequencies in relation to specific organs and tissues. With the Oberon, we are able to detect those frequencies and any changes or imbalances in them. Not only that, but it can detect specific tissues, cells, and even DNA molecules that are experiencing imbalances in frequency.

Benefits of using the Oberon Diagnostic Machine are as follows:

    • Non-invasive procedure to detect problem areas in the body
    • No side effects will persist as there is no use of harsh drugs or chemicals during operation
    • Can be used conveniently in home or practice
    • Easy to carry and operate
    • Quick results
    • Promotes a sense of general well being and empowers users through an enhanced sense of self-awareness and control

Oberon gives those struggling with unknown or misdiagnosed health conditions a chance to detect the problem areas causing these health conditions and what exactly is going on in those areas tissues and cells. All living organisms excrete electromagnetic waves in relation to organs, tissues, and cells. This means, the frequencies emitted vary from cell to cell, tissue to tissue, and organ to organ and are determined by their biochemical and physiological environment. Pathogens, chemicals, allergens, and any alterations to DNA can impact the frequencies emitted by these cells and can change in response to different stressors impacting the body from a biochemical and physiological standpoint.

It has been proven that tissues and organs in diseased states under differing pathological conditions give off their own signature frequencies in comparison to healthy ones. This equipment allows for the detection of these unusual frequencies using a non-invasive route. It is quicker than any blood test and reduces the time it takes to diagnose diseases and illnesses.

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