Medical Astrology


What could planets possibly have to do with my health?

Much more than you realize! When you were born the planets were at a specific point in time and space. The aspects (or relationships) between the planets play a significant role in your health. When two planets interact a particular energy is created in the body. As an example, think of the effect that the Moon has upon the ocean’s tide. When the Moon is full, the tide is at its highest point. In the same way, the full Moon will also increase the fluid levels (blood, lymph, water) within your body. Over a period of time, the nature of these energies or stresses can set up disease processes. Medical Astrology can give us insight into where health issues may be more likely to develop.  Knowing this we can better understand our inherited weaknesses while taking steps to minimize the development of various disorders connected with those planetary patterns.  This helps empower people to make better choices and reduce disorder in their bodies as well as in their lives.

What is Medical Astrology?

The art and practice of Medical Astrology dates back over 2,000 years. For centuries, many of humanity’s greatest thinkers have explored the relationships between health and astrology. In the ancient times a physician could not be such unless he was also an astrologer. Nowadays we use Medical Astrology with great accuracy as a blue print of the body to reveal where disharmonies may manifest. Medical Astrology paints a precise picture of a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. It is used successfully as a preventive tool. By becoming aware of the body’s inherent weaknesses one could take the necessary steps to possibly avoid serious health problems.

Proof of Validity for Medical Astrology

For years I saw various correspondences to what was in a persons chart and their particular health complaint. But in 2004 I was introduced to an imaging technology that took a picture of the energy field of the body. It was a Russian technology called the GDV-EPI camera. Over the last 7 years of working with clients I have seen time and time again the correspondences between what was in a persons astrological chart with the images in the GDV-EPI camera. This confirmed the for me that astrology was a valid way to assess the health of individuals. For more information please click here to see the research paper and findings I presented in St. Petersburg, Russia during the summer of 2011 at an international scientific conference. Please click on the top right hand link to see the report.