Astrology Matters – Your Health is Your Life


When one has a health or medical issue comes up, most people will contact a doctor or someone in the health field. Usually they don’t even consider an astrologer. This makes perfect sense.  What could an Astrologer tell me about my health?   Well, once upon a time you could not contact a doctor who was not also an astrologer[1]. They understood the relationships of the planets with the body[2]. You might be asking, “How can that even be possible?”

Astrology is a holistic system based on archetypal patterns (recurrent symbols or motifs in literature, art, or mythology), which pervade every aspect of our lives.  Most people are familiar with Astrology giving them information about their personality, but because of its holistic nature it can also give a person information about their overall health as well.

When we are born the planets form various relationships to one another. These patterns act as a blue print for our overall health throughout our lives.  Knowing this information can be valuable.  If you know your strengths and weaknesses then you can make better choices that support well-being.

If we do not honor the limits of our body then illness is not a surprise.

For the last 20 years I have used astrology in my medical practice as a tool for transformation through gaining insight into some of the mysteries of one’s health which is really one’s life.  By taking the whole life of a person into account it reveals the state of a person’s well-being because they are not separate.  Every aspect of our lives impacts our health: relationships, family, work, lifestyle, diet, the mind, etc.  Many unfortunately, don’t realize this.  Until we become aware of what is affecting our health it’s unreasonable to expect our health to improve from just taking a drug or having a surgery.   Not everyone knows what approach is best for them though.   This is where the insights of astrology can come to our aid.  Combining my medical training and experience with understanding a person’s astrology map gives tremendous insight in empowering people to better manage their life and hence their health.

Knowing one’s astrological chart helps one better understand their overall nature.  For example, if someone has a lot of planets in water signs like Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces they may be extra sensitive, more easily effected by stress or have a delicate immune system.  This kind of person will need a very different approach to health than someone with a lot of planets in fire signs who goes and goes like an energizer bunny, seeming to never burn out. There really are countless ways in which these archetypal patterns can manifest for a person.  Part of what makes Astrology so special is that it helps us to better understand our own unique nature, which is different from every other person.  Comparing our health to others becomes futile when one begins to grasp how profoundly different we are from anyone else.  And how what may work for one person may be quite different for someone else.  No one shoe fits everyone.  This obviously has been part of the problem in the medical AND the wellness fields:  Thinking and treating like everyone is the same.

For those who are open Astrology can be a highly useful tool to better understandings one’s  fuller self and one’s broader health.

Wishing you a wonderful day!